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Hi my name’s Claire Cottone (aka CC) and I’m a freedom junkie. Musician, writer, photographer, yogi, lover, traveller and dreamer, with a big voice, a fiery temper (which I’m working on taming) and a passion for living life creatively and courageously. I’m allergic to offices, dress codes, alarm clocks, TV, the news, too much concrete, and other people’s agendas.

I play in a band called CC the Cat. I’ve recorded a handful of albums and done a bunch of touring. I wear a lot of hats – front woman, singer, songwriter, guitarist, band leader and manager. Being an independent musician in this giant country on a budget the size of a piggy bank is a trip and a half. It takes all the grit you can muster not to give up sometimes. But I love it and the music keeps me alive.

I also love photography, the ocean, the forest, food, rainbows, reggae, bicycles, b/rainstorms and love itself. I adore my friends, my incredible family, and all the beautiful people who I meet along the way.

This is the place where I will share my journey as an artist, a lover, a human being navigating life. I’m also here to share my creative process, my tools for living life creatively and walking the artist’s way, my philosophies and, last but not least, my art.

Come join me on a journey of self-discovery as we tackle scary monsters, surmount high-rises of doubt and uncertainty, and unlock our creative powers in our art and our lives… Manifesting magnificence as we were born to. All the while remembering that life is beautiful and has its own sweet plan.

Let’s go….


*Photograph by Jolie Clifford at Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast QLD

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