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Detox Day 3 – Are we there yet??

June 22, 2016

It’s the evening of Day 3 of my 14 day CABALA juice detox and there’s not really much to report. I tried to run this morning but had no energy, had to turn back half-way up the mountain to make sure I got to work on time and didn’t exhaust myself.

It was hard to concentrate at work but I pushed through the day made ok by beautiful people surrounding me. I love my job. But I do miss food fuel for doing good work. Apparently the first 4 days are the major detox days and after that I’ll feel clearer and actually have MORE energy rather than less.

That was the case with the 7-day fast I did on the first week of last Spring, by Day 5 I was bouncing all over the place and even climbed Wollumbin (Mount Warning) without even cracking a hunger, and barely needed any sleep.

I’m feeling slimmer and was 2kg lighter this morning than when I started. Also unexpectedly some psoriasis on my skin had nearly totally disappeared after only 2 days of detoxing. I slept well and feel pretty emotionally calm.

I feel the broth is a good call in the middle of Winter and glad I’ve chosen to add it to the cleanse. I reckon once I’ve past the first four days hump I might make a visit to my fave hot yoga studio in Cooly to get nice and warm and have a good sweat.

Warm showers (no bath here), hot water bottles and lots of warm woolies are also the go for this cleanse cat.

I have a whole bunch of band work to do now that I really don’t want to after already being at the computer all day. But the show must go on: I have an album to launch in 3 weeks… Fuuuck!!!!!

Hasta manana amigos…

PS the cleanse started here.

PPS subscribers I’ll be showing up in your inbox for the next ten days while I document this journey, so please stay with me! Kisses….

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