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CABALA Cleanse Day 4 – another boring day at the office

June 23, 2016

Day 4 of my 14-day CABALA juice cleanse and more of the same. Carrots, apples, beetroots, lemons and the thrill of see-through broth to warm me at lunch time while my workmates feasted. Plus they gave me shit about fasting, questioning my motives and offering me cake. I know its cos they love me and they care. But really, just let me starve in peace peeps. Whatev’s.

Another boring day at the office, really didn’t want to be there today. Wanted to be working on my music. Needed to be working on my music. My new album arrived back at the printers in Brisbane this morning, just in time to get shipped to Sydney for a radio mail-out due tomorrow. Tomorrow they will also arrive on my doorstep and I will celebrate a year of hard work and dedication with a glass of freshly-squeezed CABALA juice.

I woke up this morning wanting coffee bad, tired as fuck and not wanting to go to work. I didn’t run today after yesterday’s experience, I think it was a good call. I was less starving all day and less fuzzy. Made it to 5:30pm without spontaneously ejecting from my desk (too lethargic) and very happy to clock off with the next four days to roam free.

When I say roam free I mean I have a radio interview first thing in the morning, urgent album biz to take care of, gigs to attend, and a two-day photography course in Byron Bay over the weekend. Not sure how I’m going to juggle being away from home while on the juice and broth but I’ll sort something. It’s Byron Bay. Juice will be flowing. Everyone will be fasting. I’ll fit right in.

I can’t post any more pictures of juice so today’s image is a picture of me writing this post. Just ignore the mess in the background. It’s gypsy styles for this cat at the mo. Lovin’ the flow. Thank you for reading dear friends. ‘Til the morrow…

Lovecat xo

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