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How to turn your heARTache into ART (without the he-ache)

April 6, 2015
heart art watercolour pink red purple heartache

You can’t win against life. Life is dealing all the cards. We just gotta make the most of what hand we get. Keep calm and make friends with our reality.

I’m not exactly winning at life. I’m not losing either. I’m somewhere in the middle, just quietly surviving, existing. But you know, the more I talk to people, I find that we’re all pretty much in the same boat, paddling around a giant lake in the wilderness, trying to find the shore, trying to make sense of this insane world.

I had a stern talk with God today. I was like, dude, what’s up with all this BS. Why’s it gotta be like this? If you’re so omnipotent, why can’t you just make everything AWESOME? He’s not talking to me at the moment. Or maybe I’m not listening. Hence no answer.

So yeah I’ve been riding the roller-coaster, doing my rounds, having some really beautiful highs and some low points I’d rather not write about. I’ve come to accept that Struggle is a friend of mine who visits often.

That said, my friends Happiness, Love, Joy and Beauty visit me just as regularly. On the whole, I’m pretty damn lucky. I am actually truly grateful for my incredible life. My family, my friends, my beautiful home, my environment, my gift of music, my education, so many things.

There’s my belated answer from God. Everything IS awesome you dingbat. You’re just drowning in the deep-end, forgetting that you know how to swim. Looking for the sunlight with your eyes closed. Watering down your cup of love with domestic blindness.

Tuesday I was home alone and Sorrow came over. I wanted some company so I opened the door to her and she sat down with me on the couch. We had a chat about life and she was her usual sad, pessimistic self, giving me a hard time, the usual crap. You’re not good enough, you’ll never get anywhere, call yourself an artist, etc etc.

So you know what I did? Well, first I cried. Then I picked up my guitar and wrote a song about it.

And it’s a fucking beautiful song.

And I sang it to Sorrow and watched her disappear as I alchemised her into beautiful music.

Then I sang my beautiful song to other friends and strangers and transported them to her heavenly realms.

My heART-ache became just ART, without the he-ache.

Sorrow became beauty, love, inspiration, joy and shared experience.

This is the healing power of art. This is your gift.  Use your pain, anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment, as fuel for your art. When difficult emotions crop up, welcome them, listen to them, and harness their powerful energy into a beautiful creation.

All the great creators do it. You can too.

I’m doing it now.

Good night.

Sweet dreaming.

I love you.


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  • Reply Jules April 7, 2015 at 7:56 am

    Well put … Legend! Love u x

  • Reply Sotto April 7, 2015 at 9:02 am

    When the “untouchable” asked Mahatma Gandhi, “Is God ‘love’. Is God ‘good’?” Gandhi replied, “‘Love’ is God. ‘Good’ is God.” To this I add, ‘Art’ is God because it belongs to creation. It is the part of us that is God. ‘Life’ too is God … the way of the world. The art is to accept what is good and set aside that which is not. We do that with our music, our literature, our paintings, our wardrobe, our diet … with everything. We make choices. ‘Choices’ is God. There is no heARTache without ART because, as you suggest, ART is the essence of that scripted word. Take life as it comes but never forget, there are many paths. Creators choose the path that often leads to the agony of heartache but can also lead to the end of the rainbow with its pottle of jewelled joy that quenches your thirst. Sotto

    • Reply Claire Cottone April 7, 2015 at 3:40 pm

      Thank you Sotto, I love this response. <3 <3 <3

  • Reply kerry brown April 8, 2015 at 5:54 am

    CC – your art is true; your heart is true. Purfect song! for a day that started in Scotland when the sun squelched mistily through the early morning and ended in London as the day surrendered to the long twilight evening. Herstory in the making – you are taking us on a fabulous journey and I can see Sister Happiness by your shoulder.

    • Reply Claire Cottone April 8, 2015 at 8:35 am

      yeah kerry! still on travels I see, good to hear :-). thanks for your response and for sharing my journey. sister happiness is whispering in my ear. love you! keep commenting. mwah xo

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